BC's New Paltz Climbing Gym is a center for the rich climbing community based around the famous Shawangunk Ridge (The Gunks) in New Paltz, NY. 

If you love the outdoors and are looking for a new way to experience the beautiful Hudson Valley, BC's Climbing Gym offers a perfect introduction to a pursuit that for many is a lifelong engagement with the challenges and rewards of rock climbing both indoors and outdoors. 

With 4500 square feet of wall space and thought-provoking routes for all ability levels, BC's is the local spot for experienced climbers to meet partners, make friends, and enjoy the community our sport creates. 


There are many methods of rock-climbing.  Some are done individually, others require a partner.  Bouldering is a great option for adults who want  to try out the movement of rock climbing without the complication of ropes, or try harder and more interesting moves.

Top-roping offers the full indoor climbing experience, to the top of the walls with ropes and a partner belaying. Beginners can learn to belay their first day climbing with us, in a lesson with one of our instructors.

Climbers under the age of fourteen (14) must be accompanied by a parent /guardian.  Individuals over the age of 14 may take our Belay orientation course or demonstrate their Belay ability to our satisfaction.  Staff belay is available with an advance reservation.