Top-Rope Climbing:

Rock climbing, in the form of top-roping requires two people, the "Climber" and the "Belayer" (who manages the rope for the climber).  Belayer's must be age 14 or more and must be trained and/or approved to belay by a staff member.  We offer Belay classes for a fee during the day and evenings. If someone in your party already knows how to belay, we simply require them to pass a short test (free of charge if passed) to verify that their technique is up to our standards.


Bouldering is an alternative, yet very popular form of climbing that does not involve ropes, and instead uses large soft pads that are placed underneath the climber to soften their fall. Anyone can boulder without taking a class after taking a short bouldering safety orientation (free of charge). Once acquainted with our safety policies, boulderers are welcome to climb on any wall in the gym, with a height limitation.


Our gym currently offers two auto-belay walls. An auto-belay is a machine that is anchored to the top of the gym that the climber can hook up to and climb the wall without the need for a belayer (therefore, without the need for someone to take a class). The auto belay is available to all top rope climbers, as well as any boulderer who either rents or brings their own harness.