A rock climbing party is a fun and exciting way to celebrate any birthday.

Private events Welcome.


Parties are 2 hours long and are hosted while we are closed to the public, allowing the party to enjoy use of the entire facility.  We provide staff belayers and harnesses for the climbers. There is a dining area specifically for your party, however we do not provide food for the event.  Our typical Birthday Time Slot is Saturday and Sundays 10a-12p.

Recommended minimum age for climbers is 6 years old. 

birthday party rate:  $25.00/climber. ($250 minimum)

(includes staff belay, rope safety instruction, climbing fee & harness)

Call to inquire about dates and times available

A non-refundable deposit is required to schedule an event.

Must be at least 18 years old to schedule an event.

Below are two PDF links to Party Invitations that you may feel free to print out and use to send to your party guests:

(Both invitations are courtesy of Alex from http://www.99boulders.com/ )

Invitation One

Invitation Two