BC's summer 2018 Bouldering Series

Join us to get out of the summer weather and try new boulders every week, anytime you come in, for the Summer 2018 Bouldering Series. For $100 you get a membership from July 2nd to August 13th (duration of comp) and the comp fee is included. Sponsored by Rock & Snow, we will be awarding prizes the winners of the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced divisions every week!



Climbs will be given a point value, V1 from 100-199, V2 from 200-299 and so on. Each climbers top three boulders in a given week are added up, and the scores from everyone are considered to determine the division between Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Climbers will be considered for any division their score warrants rather than choosing a division at the beginning of the summer.

How to Enter

The series is 6 weeks, but prizes will be awarded weekly so even if you can only make it a few times, come compete, you might win the week!

$100: Membership for the duration of the Summer Bouldering Series, comp fee, plus a free tank-top!

Existing members: Comp fee is $60, free tank-top!

$7 Day Passes for Non-Members competing (fee paid)